Single tickets 2018/2019

As in the last season, if you buy the tickets earlier than five days before the match, you can purchase them for the cheapest price. The price range in the presale is from the 150 CZK (fanclub) to the 250 CZK (ČS Club).

Children (under 140 cm) tickets are sold for symbolic 1 CZK, kids under 3 years of age can enter the Home Credit Arena for free (without seat).

Students and seniors (over 65 years) can use a discount under the regulation that they show their ID card (seniors) or student ID card. The discount also applies for women.

Students, Seniors, ZTP
Students, Seniors, ZTP
1st Category 250 270
2nd Category 210 230 170 190
3rd Category 180 200 150 170
ČS Club 350 380
4th Floor 160 180
4th Floor (standing) 140 160
Fanclub 150 170 Students 130 Students 150

Tickets can be purchased online through the Ticketmaster website!

Ticket sales through our website - active links in the individual home matches, or in this bookmark, will link you directly to the pages.  

Season tickets 2018/19

Since May 22 you can buy the season tickets for 2018/19 seasons. Once again, holders of the 2018/19 season tickets will get a discount and can get their hands on the season tickets for the cheaper price.

As usual, buying a season ticket brings lots of benefits. You get a special gift, which will prove useful especially in the warm summer weather. Outside of the gift, the season ticket holders will also get a special discount card to the Adidas sports shop in Géčko shopping center.

All the season ticket holders will also be able to use all of the Bonus Card rewards described in the season tickets subpage.

Season tickets prices for season 2018/19 (for holders of the 2017/18 season tickets)

Regular Children Women/Students/Seniors
1st Category 4800
2nd Category 4200 1000 3500
3rd Category 3600 1000 3000
ČS Club 9500 1000
ČS Club Premium 14500 -
Fanclub 2300

Prices for new season-tickets holders

Regular Children Students/Women/Seniors
1st Category 5000
2nd Category 4400 1000 3700
3rd Category 3800 1000 3200
ČS Club 9500 1000
ČS Club Premium 14500 -
Fanclub 2500

All additional information such as discounts or ticket offices, can be found in the basic information bookmark or at our free info line 800 800 007.

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